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Animal hats and more animal hats.

I am loving making these!  I have sooo many ideas for different animals… I can’t wait to get them all done lol.

My friend loves frogs so she asked if I could make a frog hat for her.  At first I was like “ohh man I just dunno”, but then I googled images of frog hats and really, it didn’t look all that difficult.


I LOVE how it turned out!  The green is perfect.. bright yet not neon.  And the eyes.. ohmygoodness.  I had it on my desk waiting to be given to her and everytime I passed it I literally lol’d.  Needless to say she loves it too.

She also wanted hats for her two boys.  She chose puppy dogs.  I did both in tan, but so they are different I did the ears on one black and on the other chocolate brown.  I also put the patches on opposite sides.



They both love them and I gotta say, they look freaking adorable in them 🙂

So many of my friends are pregnant.. and due in the same month.  As soon as I said on FB that I was going to start making animal hats I had quite a few orders come in.


My other friend wants a monkey for her little monkey.  I like how it turned out.  She also wants booties.  I just need to add the buttons on these guys.



I can’t wait to see him in the set.

Up next will be a kitty hat, and not like the HK hat.

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Teddy Bear

Size: about 15 inches tall (head to toe) with chunky yarn.


  • Yarn (any weight you want.. the thinner the yarn the smaller the bear and vice versa) I used about three 50g balls for the blue bear
  • Crochet hook (appropriate for the yarn you choose)
  • Tapestry needle
  • 15 mm size craft/dolls eyes or buttons will do (1/2 inch I would say)
  • Stuffing
  • Row/st marker

This is my first pattern that I am sharing.  I have tested it, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be mistakes, so if you find one please let me know so I can correct. 🙂


1.  Ch 2.  10 sc in 2nd ch from hook (10)

2.  2 sc in each sc around (20)

3.  *1 sc in next st, 2 sc in next st* repeat around (30)

4-5.  sc in each st around

6. *1 sc in next 2 sts, 2 sc in next st* repeat around (40)

7-8.  sc in each st around

9.  *1 sc in next 3 sts, 2sc in next st* repeat around (50)

10.11.  sc in each st around

12.  *1 sc in next 3 sts, sc2tog* repeat around (40)

13-14.  sc in each st around

15.  *1 sc in next 2 sts, sc2tog* repeat around (30)

16-17.  sc in each st around

18.  *1sc in next sts, sc2tog^ repeat around (20)

19.  *sc2tog* repeat around (10) I attach the muzzle here and then put the eyes on and then stuff.

20. *sc2tog* repeat around.  End off, leaving a long tail.  There will still be an opening so I just weave the yarn through each stitch around and pull closed.


1. Ch 2.  8 sc in 2nd ch from hook (8)

2.  2sc in each sc around (16)

3. *1 sc in next st, 2 sc in next st* repeat around (24)

4.  *1sc in next 2 sts, 2 sc in next st* repeat around (32)

5-6.    sc in each st around

7.  *1sc in next 3sts, 2 sc in next st* repeat around (40)

8.  sc in each st around

9.  *1sc in next 4 sts, 2sc in next st* repeat around (48)

10-15.  sc in each st around

16.  *1sc in next 4 sts, sc2tog* repeat around (40)

17-19.  sc in each st around

20.  *1sc in next 3 sts, sc2tog* repeat around (32)

21-22.  sc in each st around

23.  *1sc in next 2 sts, sc2tog* repeat around (24)

24. *1sc in next st, sc2tog* repeat around (16)

25.  *1sc in next st, sc2tog* repeat around (11)  I stuff here

26. *sc2tog* repeat around.  End off leaving long tail.  Weave through remaining stitches and draw closed.

Arms make 2

1.  ch 2.  6 sc in 2nd ch from hook (6)

2.  2sc in each st around (12)

3.  2sc in next 3 sts, 1 sc in next 9 sts.  (15)

4.  2sc in next 3 sts, 1 sc in next 12 sts (18)

5-7. sc in each st around

8.  [sc2tog] 3 times, 1 sc in next 12  sts (15)

9.  [sc2tog] 3 times, 1 sc in next 9 sts (12)

10-17.  sc in each st around Stuff

18.  *sc2tog* repeat around.  End off leaving long tail for sewing to body.  Do not close

Legs make 2

Bottom of foot: This is where I used the different coloured yarn.

   1.  ch 7.  1sc in second ch from hook, 1 sc in next 4 ch, 4 sc in last ch.  Turn and work on other side of beginning chain.  1sc in next 4 ch, 2 sc in last ch.  place marker  (15)

2.  2 sc in next st, 1sc in next 2 sts, [2sc] 8 times, 1sc in next 4 sts. (24)

3.  sc in each st around  If you are using a different colour for the bottom of foot, join original(body) colour in same st as last sc and sc.

4-9.  sc in each st around

10.  1sc in next 12 sts, [sc2tog] 3 times, 1 sc in next 6 sts. (21)

11.  1sc in next 11 sts, [sc2tog] 3 times, 1 sc in next 4 sts (18)

12.  1sc in next 12 sts, sc2tog, 1sc in next 4 sts  (17)

13.  sc in each st around Stuff foot

14- 28.  sc in each st around

29.  [sc2tog] 8 times, 1 sc in last st (9)  End off, leaving long tail and weave through remaining stitches then draw closed.

Ears make 2

1.  Ch2. 7 sc in 2nd ch from hook.  Ch1 and turn (7)

2.  1 sc in each st across

For bigger ears:  3.  Ch1 turn.  2 sc in each st across (14)

You could even make 2 small ears in one colour and make 2 bigger ears and then sew the smaller ears onto the bigger ones.


1.  Ch2.  6sc in 2nd ch from hook (6)

2.  2 sc in each st around (12)

3.  *1 sc in next st, 2 sc in next st* repeat around (19)

4.  1sc in each st around.  End off leaving long tail to sew to head.  Embroider nose and mouth.


Sew muzzle and ears onto  head, then sew the head, arms and legs onto the body.

Copyright Amber deGoutiere 2011.  This is my own original design.  Please do NOT claim this pattern as your own or sell it.  However feel free to use for personal use, gifts or charities.

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I was digging through a box that had some yarn in it and I found a couple dolls I made.  I absolutely LOVE dolls.  Yes, I am 25 and still love dolls.  I love making them as well.  It’s tedious to do the hair, as I make mine either full head of hair or mostly (I just leave the center empty)

Anna is the first doll I ever made.  I looked around and couldn’t find a pattern I really liked so she is, as usual, from my own pattern.

She is made using WW yarn and I believe a 5mm hook.  Don’t mind her slightly scary mouth lol, I had never embroidered lips before and have been too lazy to redo them.  Anna doesn’t have a full head of hair.  Again, this was my first doll and I wasn’t sure how to do the hair, so I just laid strips of yarn across and then sewed down the center (her part).

Lily I made using the same pattern as Anna, only I used a 4mm hook so she turned out a bit smaller.

She has a full head of hair… and it took forever to do lol

Mina is an elf.  I originally was going to make a faery for my mother but I couldn’t find a pattern for wings, and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to make them the way I had envisioned them in my mind.. so Mina the faery turned into Mina the elf.

I had made myself a pair of mary jane slippers right before I made Mina so I thought I would do her feet the same way.. only more foot like and then i sc around the ankle to make the leg.  She has mostly a full head of hair, just the center isnt done.. that would have take ALOT of yarn lol.  I can’t bring myself to cut her long locks… she’s supposed to be an elf and they have long hair, don’t they?

Susie is my favorite.  Actually she is probably my favorite thing I have ever made.  I made her one night while I was watching Wuthering Heights.. LOVE that movie.

She is tiny, maybe the height of a pop can?  She also has a full head of hair.. and bangs.

A pixie needs ears… and wings but again I couldn’t think of how to make them.. so she is wingless.  She also has thumbs, a noes and cute little toes 🙂  I am really proud of her feet..Which took me FOREVER to figure out how to do and look right.

We moved and I had just found the pattern before we moved.. now I think I lost it for good =/ Sooo I will probably try and remake the pattern.. at sometime.. soon..I hope.

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Chocolate Old Fashioned Teddy Bear

I made this guy for Mike’s daughter 2 Christmas’ ago.  I used my own pattern, which I will post as soon as I re-write and test it out once.

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Christmas projects

I made this scarf for my really good friend, Candice.  I used the Kite stitch scarf pattern by Caron, Bernat Chunky yarn and a 9mm crochet hook.

This pattern was a little mundane but it turned out really nice, and was very simple.  A great project for sitting in front of the T.V.  I definately plan on making more of these.

This scarf I made for my step mom.  I Used Bernat Harmony and I believe a 9mm hook.

I did simple hdc lengthwise until it was as long as I wanted it then continued until it was as wide as I wanted it.  I also did a spike stitch in the center so it wasn’t so plain.

I used the FANtastically Soft Scarf pattern for this scarf.  My step mothers partner recieved it, and loved it.. which I am glad because I wasn’t quite sure if she was into scarves.

I used the same Bernat chunky yarn and 9mm sized hook.  Easy pattern, and again this is a good one to make while you are watching a movie or t.v.. “auto-crochet mode” as I call it lol.  The finished scarf had a really nice texture to it and was also nice and warm.  I will definately be making this one again.

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Surgery and Swap items

I have been pretty busy the last few days. I got a call from the hospital to meet with the anesthesiologist on tuesday and then today I had to meet with the opthomologist for a pre-op appointment. Apparently I am having surgery on the 24.. which is this coming tuesday. I just found out yesterday when it was. The doctors office called my grandmother at the end of October and she never mentioned it. I am having serious issues with this.
Fist I will say, I LOVE my grandmother dearly. She is my mother, she raised me, she has been there for me when I have needed her, she loves me unconditionally. However, she is a major control freak, which is why I moved out when I was 17.
So yeah, I’m having my second cataract surgery on tuesday. It would have been nice to know a couple weeks ago but c’est la vie I guess…..

So like I said before, I recieved my swap package. I got spoilt. She sent me a really pretty hat and scarf set,
a really pretty purse and bookmark,
and lastly I got a package of truffles(YUM!), 4 balls of yarn, a handwritten note, a pack of Prisma coloring pencils and a calender with 365 crochet stitches in it. I had alot of fun with this swap.

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