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Animal hats and more animal hats.

I am loving making these!  I have sooo many ideas for different animals… I can’t wait to get them all done lol.

My friend loves frogs so she asked if I could make a frog hat for her.  At first I was like “ohh man I just dunno”, but then I googled images of frog hats and really, it didn’t look all that difficult.


I LOVE how it turned out!  The green is perfect.. bright yet not neon.  And the eyes.. ohmygoodness.  I had it on my desk waiting to be given to her and everytime I passed it I literally lol’d.  Needless to say she loves it too.

She also wanted hats for her two boys.  She chose puppy dogs.  I did both in tan, but so they are different I did the ears on one black and on the other chocolate brown.  I also put the patches on opposite sides.



They both love them and I gotta say, they look freaking adorable in them 🙂

So many of my friends are pregnant.. and due in the same month.  As soon as I said on FB that I was going to start making animal hats I had quite a few orders come in.


My other friend wants a monkey for her little monkey.  I like how it turned out.  She also wants booties.  I just need to add the buttons on these guys.



I can’t wait to see him in the set.

Up next will be a kitty hat, and not like the HK hat.

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Totally stoked…

I had my appointment with the eye surgen this morning.  I was nervous as I usually am when I need to go to the doctors .  Anyways he put the numbing drops in and looked at my eyes then told me the haze is getting worse.. which I know because my vision has gotten worse over the past year.  The he put the drops in that make your pupils go really wide so they can see into the back.. and even the front of the brain..  I don’t mind the drops, but man are they weird!  I was ok at first and then as I continued to sit and wait to be called back in I could feel the numbing drops wear off and my pupils were getting bigger.. So not only were my eyes sensitive to light, but they were kinda tingly, watery and I looked like I was hopped up on drugs.   So anyways I go back in and he suggests I go ahead and get the laser surgery.  He has assured me it was pain free.. which I was glad to hear because I have been nervous about having to have it done and I’ll be honest.. I am a total wimp when it comes to pain lol.  I got the surgery booked for May 5th.. just the one eye.. I’m excited but still a little nervous.  Guess we will see what happens.

I got finished testing the pattern for the teddy bear on Tuesday night.

This guy is for my Grandmother, who has liver cancer.  Originally I was going to make it for her birthday but considering the situation she is going to get it on Sunday.

I really like how he turned out.. though his muzzle got sewn on slightly crooked (he looks like he is saying “hmm” to me lol)  The yarn is Patons Diana, which may or may not be discontinued, I am not sure.  As soon as I type it out I will post the pattern.

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