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Add a comment March 13, 2013

Busy, Busy

Ugh things have been non stop for me for awhile now.  My mom was in town for the entire month of December,  so we were spending every day with my grandmother.  Then she went back home; she lives in South Carolina, and I have been so busy with friends and my grandmother that I have had zero time to craft or blog.

Right now I’m working on a teddy bear for an internet friend of mine.  We met while playing an online game a couple years ago.  I’ve been promising him a teddy for awhile now but have just been too busy; I have some free time right now so I figured I may as well get it done so I can finally send it off.

It will be a new pattern, so I will post it when I get that all done and I will also post pictures of the Christmas items I made.

Add a comment January 16, 2012

Ahhh wifi, why must you hate me?

My wifi apparently doesn’t want me to blog.  I can go on FaceBook and Crochetville, Crochetpatterncentral and my email… but can I get on to my blog?  Nope.  It’s decided to be nice today though, so I won’t keep bashing it incase it changes its mind lol.

I’ve been busy the last few weeks….

I joined a swap at the ‘Ville… shawl/wrap swap.  My partner is so nice and we have alot in common.  I am really enjoying being her as a partner.  I finished her shawl last week and after washing and blocking, I absolutely LOVE it!  I will have to make myself one.

My niece has recently found a love for Hello Kitty so I have been making her a HK doll.  I have always liked HK, but looking at pics of her and designing the doll have made me love her.  I am done with the doll part, I just need to finish the dress.. which I will do as soon as I get my swap package sent out.  The pattern will be posted as soon as I am done… providing my wifi continues to play nice.

I started to proof my Old Fashioned Bear pattern and hope to be able to post that soon as well.

Add a comment September 27, 2011

Back..yet again

Wow..finally.  I ended up moving but my wifi isnt the greatest so I have been pretty much without the internet for the past few months.

This summer has been pretty busy, so i haven’t crocheted anything since the last bear I made… I am hoping to change that soon though.  When I can find my notebook I plan on posting another bear pattern as well.

Add a comment August 21, 2011

A change…

So I need to move.  I’ve been putting it off for awhile now, but really I can’t stay living with Mike.  It’s not healthy.  One of the reasons I have been putting it off is because until I can start working.. or go to school.. I can’t afford a place on my own.  My best friend and her boy friend have a really nice place they rent and they have an extra room downstairs and the rent would be cheap enough… but he is alot like Mike and I am trying to get away from a controlling situation, I am not about to put myself into another one.

Another reason is fear.  I have never lived alone.  I went from my grandparents house to Mike’s.  Sure I’ve paid part of the rent, bills and bought groceries, but I have never been soley responsible for everything.  And that terrifies me… and yet excites me at the same time.  I mean I’d be able to do whatever I wanted, go out whenever I wanted…..without fear of getting in trouble, yelled at and accused of doing things I haven’t done.  I could clean the house and it would stay clean.  I could put stuff where I wanted.

So I’m torn.  The idea of being able to have freedom gets me excited for life.  Makes me want to sing and dance with happiness…. But the idea of being alone stops me dead.  And what if I fail?  What if I suddenly find myself unable to afford the rent?  Since I was 18 I have lived with and been with Mike.. but now it is time to move on.. time to get my life together.. time to be independent.. and more importantly, time to be happy.

About a month ago my mother called me.. She lives in North Carolina now and we haven’t really talked for years, but slowly we are getting back into contact.. Anyways, she called me and asked if I wanted to rent the apartment she still has up here.  I’d pay half the rent.. which is the same amount I pay here.. and everything but laundry and phone is included.. even furniture.  This was just too good to pass up.  It would be perfect for me, so I told her I’d take it.

Well the landlord said I could move in, but he lost the key so my mother had to mail him the key she has.  It took 2 weeks but he finally got it!  So now my grandmother and I can go take a look at it sometime this week.. I am hoping to move in June.

Add a comment April 18, 2011

Hello… yet again..

Wow, it’s been a long time. Alot has happened, alot has changed….

I had my second surgery. It went fine, a little different than the first one, but still okay. Apparently in like 10% of people in my age group, the cataract begins to come back.. though not fully. They call it a haze. So I will need laser surgery. I go back to the opthomologist on Thursday and hopefully we can set up the surgery so I can get my life back fully.

Not long after my second surgery, I ended it with Mike. Though for the last year and a bit we have remained living with each other… Only because neither of us can afford to live alone at the moment. I finally found a place though that is cheap enough so I will be moving in June hopefully.. I can’t wait! Living with ones ex truly is a disaster!

I haven’t really done much crocheting, just a bit at Christmas time, but suddenly the crochet-bug has bitten me again and I can’t seem to put my hook down. I’ve even been thinking about making myself a sweater.. a KNIT sweater. I know, I am ambitious. We will just have to wait and see if the sweater happens, but the teddy bears I plan on making definately will. I also plan on rewriting all my patterns, testing and posting them.. Which is why I have re-kindled my blog. Speaking of testing my pattern, I need to get back to it.. I only have until Tuesday. TTFN 🙂

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I’ve stepped into the word of blogging.   I have been meaning to do so  for some time now,  but just never got around to it.   Well I’ve done it,  now I just have to figure it all out lol.

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