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Hello Kitty!

I was having trouble coming up with ideas on what to get my neice and nephew for their birthdays…which are a month apart.  Usually they get clothes and toys… which are fine but I wanted something different.  My neice discovered Hello Kitty and as I was making a teddy bear I suddenly knew what I could make her.  A HK doll! 

Ok, So I had the gift idea, now to look for a pattern.  I did a Google image search of crochet HK dolls and found exactly what I wanted it to look like.  Then I looked through ravelry and found some cute looking patterns but none of them were what I wanted sooooo… I had to come up with my own pattern.

I love how she turned out!  I’m sooo tempted to keep her lol but I know my neice is going to love her and I can’t wait to see her face when she gets the doll.


back of dress detail



Making this doll has renewed my love for Hello Kitty… I will definately be making more of these, maybe in different themes.

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Totally stoked…

I had my appointment with the eye surgen this morning.  I was nervous as I usually am when I need to go to the doctors .  Anyways he put the numbing drops in and looked at my eyes then told me the haze is getting worse.. which I know because my vision has gotten worse over the past year.  The he put the drops in that make your pupils go really wide so they can see into the back.. and even the front of the brain..  I don’t mind the drops, but man are they weird!  I was ok at first and then as I continued to sit and wait to be called back in I could feel the numbing drops wear off and my pupils were getting bigger.. So not only were my eyes sensitive to light, but they were kinda tingly, watery and I looked like I was hopped up on drugs.   So anyways I go back in and he suggests I go ahead and get the laser surgery.  He has assured me it was pain free.. which I was glad to hear because I have been nervous about having to have it done and I’ll be honest.. I am a total wimp when it comes to pain lol.  I got the surgery booked for May 5th.. just the one eye.. I’m excited but still a little nervous.  Guess we will see what happens.

I got finished testing the pattern for the teddy bear on Tuesday night.

This guy is for my Grandmother, who has liver cancer.  Originally I was going to make it for her birthday but considering the situation she is going to get it on Sunday.

I really like how he turned out.. though his muzzle got sewn on slightly crooked (he looks like he is saying “hmm” to me lol)  The yarn is Patons Diana, which may or may not be discontinued, I am not sure.  As soon as I type it out I will post the pattern.

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I was digging through a box that had some yarn in it and I found a couple dolls I made.  I absolutely LOVE dolls.  Yes, I am 25 and still love dolls.  I love making them as well.  It’s tedious to do the hair, as I make mine either full head of hair or mostly (I just leave the center empty)

Anna is the first doll I ever made.  I looked around and couldn’t find a pattern I really liked so she is, as usual, from my own pattern.

She is made using WW yarn and I believe a 5mm hook.  Don’t mind her slightly scary mouth lol, I had never embroidered lips before and have been too lazy to redo them.  Anna doesn’t have a full head of hair.  Again, this was my first doll and I wasn’t sure how to do the hair, so I just laid strips of yarn across and then sewed down the center (her part).

Lily I made using the same pattern as Anna, only I used a 4mm hook so she turned out a bit smaller.

She has a full head of hair… and it took forever to do lol

Mina is an elf.  I originally was going to make a faery for my mother but I couldn’t find a pattern for wings, and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to make them the way I had envisioned them in my mind.. so Mina the faery turned into Mina the elf.

I had made myself a pair of mary jane slippers right before I made Mina so I thought I would do her feet the same way.. only more foot like and then i sc around the ankle to make the leg.  She has mostly a full head of hair, just the center isnt done.. that would have take ALOT of yarn lol.  I can’t bring myself to cut her long locks… she’s supposed to be an elf and they have long hair, don’t they?

Susie is my favorite.  Actually she is probably my favorite thing I have ever made.  I made her one night while I was watching Wuthering Heights.. LOVE that movie.

She is tiny, maybe the height of a pop can?  She also has a full head of hair.. and bangs.

A pixie needs ears… and wings but again I couldn’t think of how to make them.. so she is wingless.  She also has thumbs, a noes and cute little toes 🙂  I am really proud of her feet..Which took me FOREVER to figure out how to do and look right.

We moved and I had just found the pattern before we moved.. now I think I lost it for good =/ Sooo I will probably try and remake the pattern.. at sometime.. soon..I hope.

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Lavender Bear

This teddy has been sitting, in parts, on my dresser for about 3 months now.  I’d been waiting for the hand painted craft eyes I ordered, and then, I’m not going to lie, I have just been too lazy.  The worst part about making a teddy is putting it all together.  I am really good at getting the face perfect, but I have a real hard time putting the head on and the thought of doing so makes me want to put down the bear… or not pick it up.

Finally the crochet bug bit me again and I decided I had to finish it.  I plan on sending her to my mother sometime soon.  I used Bernat chunky… actually the same ball that I used to make the FANtastically soft scarf… and my own pattern.  I am testing the pattern out right now and will post as soon as I am done.

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Chocolate Old Fashioned Teddy Bear

I made this guy for Mike’s daughter 2 Christmas’ ago.  I used my own pattern, which I will post as soon as I re-write and test it out once.

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Christmas projects

I made this scarf for my really good friend, Candice.  I used the Kite stitch scarf pattern by Caron, Bernat Chunky yarn and a 9mm crochet hook.

This pattern was a little mundane but it turned out really nice, and was very simple.  A great project for sitting in front of the T.V.  I definately plan on making more of these.

This scarf I made for my step mom.  I Used Bernat Harmony and I believe a 9mm hook.

I did simple hdc lengthwise until it was as long as I wanted it then continued until it was as wide as I wanted it.  I also did a spike stitch in the center so it wasn’t so plain.

I used the FANtastically Soft Scarf pattern for this scarf.  My step mothers partner recieved it, and loved it.. which I am glad because I wasn’t quite sure if she was into scarves.

I used the same Bernat chunky yarn and 9mm sized hook.  Easy pattern, and again this is a good one to make while you are watching a movie or t.v.. “auto-crochet mode” as I call it lol.  The finished scarf had a really nice texture to it and was also nice and warm.  I will definately be making this one again.

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Another Swap Done

DCFC0010I finished my items for the Scarf Swap at Crochetville and last week I mailed them off.DCFC0002
This was the first time I had attempted cables and I have to say that I love doing them and can’t wait for an excuse to make something else with them. I made this scarf with Bernat Softee Chunky in natural and a 9mm sized hook. It took only 2 days to finish. I will post the pattern when I find what I wrote out.

This scarf I made using Lionbrand Homespun and a 9mm hook. DCFC0004I cannot remember the name of the color, but it is a really pretty blue with tones of turqoise and other pretty shades of blue. I just did either *hdc, ch1*, or just hdc, length-wise until I got a width I thought was good enough.

DCFC0006I also made her a bear using the Monique Bear Pattern. I seriously LOVE this pattern.
I also sent some dried berries and some vanilla tea, which she likes.
I had alot of fun with this swap. I got my package from her but I will post pictures tomorrow when I figure out how to get them off my new phone.. which I will also take pics of to show off how purdy it is =D.

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Stripedy bunny

Stripedy bunny

I really like to make teddies. As a project, making a toy is very rewarding because it is so quick to make.

I made this bunny for my grandmother a couple of years ago for Christmas. I was running out of the green yarn and didn’t want to leave it unfinished. I’m really liking the stripes.

Spring bunny

Spring bunny

pink bunny2This bunny I didn’t make for anyone in particular, I just saw the yarn and really like the colour. Both are made using the Lavender Bunny Pattern.

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Blocked, washed and ready to go, FOs, WIPs and other stuffs

I cleaned the house today, just in case I go out tomorrow.

No momma I'm too cute to move!

No momma I'm too cute to move!

So I was tidying up or at least trying to when Jack decided he wanted to lay down right when I was straightening out the couch cover.
Told you I was cute

Told you I was cute

He likes to chase the broom, play in the dirt I am trying to sweep up and attack the clothes I am folding. I thought I’d take a couple pictures of him to prove how devious he is.

I’m participating in a couple swaps at Crochetville.  For those that don’t know,  a swap is where you join a swap topic -sweater, snowflake, scarf etc,  are assigned a partner, then you make each other whatever the topic is about.  You can also add “goodies” to your package, you don’t have to but I think most people do.  Like I said, I joined 2 recently;  the Shawl/wrap swap and the Scarf swap.  I have been so lucky to have wonderful partners; Carolyn and Karen. 

I just finished washing up the shawls and then I will package them up to send off on Saturday.  I’m really excited and can’t wait to see how she likes them!

pretty ripples

pretty ripples

The first is a wrap I made without a pattern;  just a simple ripple stitch pattern.  I used just shy of 3 balls Bernat Satin in Admiral and almost 3 balls of Bernat Satin in Sapphire and a size 5mm hook.  It took me a few weeks to make, only because I had to stop for a week or two because I ran out of the Admiral color and couldn’t find it anywhere. I finally had to get my grandfather to go to Michael’s to get me 2 balls.  Over all I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.  Oh and it’s longer than it looks in the picture; it’s hanging over the edges of the table.

This shawl is off the Lionbrand website called the Half Moon Shawl. DCFC0231 I can’t say enough about this pattern. Although it could have been edited and written better, the pattern is SO easy and quick. I think I did half of the entire thing in one night. I used Bernat Softee Chunky in soft taupe and a size 10mm hook.

DCFC0234 This is the Aphrodite Shawl from the Caron website- there are a lot of cute patterns on that site BTW. Made in Bernat Baby Sport in Lavender and a size 6mm hook. This pattern could have been written better as well and gave me some troubles. I wasn’t sure if it would be long enough -judging from the pattern picture- so I added a row before the pineapples start. It doesn’t look the same as it does on the model, but I think it is still very pretty. I had to block lightly to help the shape.

Swap Goodies

Swap Goodies

The swap goodies; 3 shawls, 3 flavoured hot chocolates, a book for her sons, and a cupcake made of soap. I plan on shipping it all out either tomorrow or Sunday, depending on if I go out tomorrow.

Yarn WIP’s
Mike’s daughter was over this past weekend. We finally have a house where we can have a guest room, which, and I don’t mind, is in my computer room. My computer room is also my crafting room. I have all my yarn and sewing stuff in there as well. So anyway, Tabby was over and she was telling me -as we looked at some of thing I had made- that one of her friends from school had a poncho that her mother had made her. Then she saw this ball of yarn and, picking it up, sighed “this would make a nice poncho”. I took that as a not so subtle hint since every time she saw the yarn she said this to me. Finally I told her that we could look online to see if we could find a pattern she liked and I would make her one, using the beloved yarn of course. So we looked and looked and we found no patterns that she liked. TBH I didn’t like any of them either and I’ve never made a poncho before so I couldn’t even just make up a pattern. Then we came across the Lacy Shell Poncho and she LOVED it, couldn’t stop talking about it.
I was having a bit of trouble with it at first -funny how the simple patterns are always the ones that give you a headache. TABBY PONCHO WIP It wasn’t sitting as it should and was ruffling, which it shouldn’t do. But with some help/advise from someone at Crochetville, I figured it out.
I had to change to a bigger hook size. Luckly with this stitch pattern being as easy and fast as it is, it wasn’t a big deal to start over.
TABBY PONCHO WIP2 I’m really liking how it is turning out. I will probably make a couple more in different colors when this one is finished.

SWAP SCARF YARN My partner said she likes dark blue and I have enough yarn left over from the ripple wrap to make a scarf for the Winter Scarf Swap. I really like this color blue. The picture makes it look a bit dull, but the yarn has a nice sheen and is such a rich color.

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