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Croc Moccs Tutorial

The Croc Mocc


These booties are made using the crocodile stitch.  I included pictures for those that haven’t worked the stitch before.


  • WW medium yarn
  • 6mm & 6.5mm hook
  • weaving needle

You can use different weight yarn and different hook sizes to get bigger or smaller sizes.  The purpley booties are made with a thinner WW yarn than the pink ones and with the hooks I stated above the sole measures 4 1/2″ long


You work this by going on BOTH sides of the beginning chain, this forms an oval.

1.) Ch 10.  2 dc in 4th ch from hook, dc in next 5 sts, 6dc in last ch. Rotate so you can work on the other side of the beginning chain. dc in next 5 chs, 3 dc in last ch. Join to top of ch 3. Do NOT turn. (22)

2.) Ch 3.  Dc in same place, dc in next 7 sts, 2dc in next 7sts, dc in next 5, 2 dc in each of last 2 sts. Joint to top of ch 3.  Do NOT turn. (32)

3.) Ch 2.  Work in back loops ONLY for this round. HDC in each st around.  Join to top of ch 3. Do NOT turn.

4.) Ch 2.  HDC in next 7 sts, dc2tog 8 times, HDC in next 8 sts. Join to top of ch 2. Do NOT turn. (24)

5.) Ch 2.  HDC in next 7 sts, dc2tog 4 times, HDC in next 8 sts.  Join to top of ch 2. Do NOT turn. (20)

6.) Use a hook that is 1 size smaller. Ch 2. sc in next 2sts, 2 sc in next st, sc in next 2sts, 2 sc in next st, sc in 7 sts, 2 sc in next st, sc in 2sts,  2 sc in next st, sc in next 2 sts.  Join to top of ch 2. Do NOT turn. (24)

It may seem silly to decrease from 24 to 20 then increase back to 24, but the decrease gives the shape for the toes and the increases make the top part of booty big enough for chubby legs since these are pull on booties.  I also find that the crocodile stitch has a tendency to work up tighter and has less stretch than regular hdc and dc stitches.


7.) Ch 4 (this counts as dc & a ch 1).  *Sk 2 sts, 2 dc in next st, ch 1, sk 2 sts, dc in next st.* repeat aroundYou will end with 2dc and a ch. Join to 3rd ch on the beg ch 4.  Do NOT chain or turn.

This next bit is a little hard to explain even with the pictures, but I will do as best as I can and I will also add a link to a video tutorial I used for the beanie as it is the same idea.

Skip the ch 4(which remember is the first dc & ch1).  Now you will do a dc into the front of the 1st dc in the 2dc(V st) from row 7.

dc into front post of first dc in V st

dc into front post of first dc in V st

This is what it will look like

This is what it will look like

Do 4 more dc just like the one you just did.  This creates the one side of the scale.

this is what you should have

this is what you should have

Now turn it slightly so you can work into the front of the 2nd dc in the V st and work 5dc.

Sl st into the front of the single dc.  There is your first scale.

What the scale will look like

What the scale will look like

8.)* Working around the first dc in the next V st, do 5dc, turn work slightly and do 5dc around the 2nd dc in the Vst, sl st around the single dc* repeat around.  You should have 4 scales.

9.) Ch 3(1st dc), dc in same place(V st), ch 1, *dc into the center of the scale, ch1, V st into the single dc from row 7(you should be able to see it in between the scales), ch 1* repeat around.  Join to top of ch 3.

Dc into center of scale

Dc into center of scale

V st into the single dc from row 7

V st into the single dc from row 7

what it should look like

what it should look like

10.) Ch 3(1st dc), * Working around the first dc in the next V st, do 4dc, turn work slightly and do 5dc around the 2nd dc in the Vst, sl st around the single dc* repeat around.

11.)  Ch 3(1st dc), dc in same place(V st), ch 1, *dc into the center of the scale, ch1, V st into the single dc from row 9(you should be able to see it in between the scales), ch 1* repeat around.  Join to top of ch 3.

12.) Ch 3(1st dc), * Working around the first dc in the next V st, do 4dc, turn work slightly and do 5dc around the 2nd dc in the Vst, sl st around the single dc* repeat around.

Switch to the larger hook for these last rounds.

13.) Ch 3(1st dc), dc in same place(V st), ch 1, *dc into the center of the scale, ch1, V st into the single dc from row 11(you should be able to see it in between the scales), ch 1* repeat around.  Join to top of ch 3.

14.) Ch 3(1st dc), * Working around the first dc in the next V st, do 4dc, turn work slightly and do 5dc around the 2nd dc in the Vst, sl st around the single dc* repeat around.  Finish off and weave in ends.

You can make the booties higher, I would maybe go up another hook size if the baby has chubby legs, as many babies do lol.  You can also add some buttons for detail down the outer side of each booty.

If you want to make it look like the dark pink ones, hdc around the top.  You should have 24 sts, but if you have a couple more it is ok- don’t want the top too tight around the leg.

If you need help with this stitch here is a great tutorial, the one I used to learn this stitch.


Copyright Amber deGoutiere 2013.  This is my own original design.  Please do NOT claim this pattern as your own or sell it.  However feel free to use for personal use, gifts or charities

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What I’ve been up to

Okay, first off I wanna say… I got ENGAGED! So freaking excited and happy 🙂


Here is my gorgeous ring.  It has a black diamond in the centre with white diamonds around it.  I love it 🙂

Okay, now on to the crafting…

Baby Ms baby shower is a month away.  I have most of the decorations and gifts bought and made.  I have been so busy the past month it isn’t funny.  I feel like my head is spinning lol.

This sweater I made using the BICO pattern.  I used WW and a 6mm or 6.5mm hook.  It is a size 6mo but I made the sleeves long so they can be unrolled as baby grows.


My friend loves zebra and I saw a picture of a baby hat that was pink and it had a row of white and a row of black around the edge.  While it isn’t zebra print, it does remind me of it so that’s what I did.  I just need big black buttons and it is done.

A couple of my other friends are also pregnant… due within the same 2 weeks actually lol.  I decided to make each a sweater to fit for next christmas.

This sweater is the same, just different colours and has a paw print.


For the next sweater I found this gorgeous buttery yellow coloured yarn.  It is sooo soft!  If you have never tried Loops and Threads Impeccable go and grab a ball.  Anyway, so I saw the yellow and thought a light pink would look pretty so I did the trim in white and the appliques in pink.  I think Baby A is going to look so sweet in this.


And I made a little hat and a pair of uggs to go, with hearts of course.



I also made Baby A a starghan.


544447_477253215661752_898703399_nI love the colours together.  So bright and cheery.  I used Loops and Threads Snuggly Wuggly Big.  Again super soft and nice to work with. This is a DK weight yarn. I used a 6.5mm hook.


It came out 53″ from point to point across.

I still have more than half a ball of each colour left so I decided to make a few other things since I love the colours and the softness of this yarn.

This is again for Baby A.


I found this pattern for a cute little pinafore ages ago and have been dying to give it a go.


This pattern is so easy and fast.  I made the whole set in just a couple of hours.  This will fit a 6mo, but obv it could probably fit a little longer or even sooner.


This is the pattern for the bonnet.  I changed it to a shell stitch after doing a few of the DC and SC rows.  I also ran out of the cute ribbon I had so I just used white.

Because this is a summer dress ugg booties just didn’t seem right, so I made a pair of mary janes



Here is Baby Ms set.


537144_481769431876797_1167576599_nThere will also be a head band but it isn’t finished yet.

I have also been getting more orders for animal hats.  Here are three kitty hats I made.




I love how these turn out, but man oh man they are a PAIN to attach!

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Animal hats and more animal hats.

I am loving making these!  I have sooo many ideas for different animals… I can’t wait to get them all done lol.

My friend loves frogs so she asked if I could make a frog hat for her.  At first I was like “ohh man I just dunno”, but then I googled images of frog hats and really, it didn’t look all that difficult.


I LOVE how it turned out!  The green is perfect.. bright yet not neon.  And the eyes.. ohmygoodness.  I had it on my desk waiting to be given to her and everytime I passed it I literally lol’d.  Needless to say she loves it too.

She also wanted hats for her two boys.  She chose puppy dogs.  I did both in tan, but so they are different I did the ears on one black and on the other chocolate brown.  I also put the patches on opposite sides.



They both love them and I gotta say, they look freaking adorable in them 🙂

So many of my friends are pregnant.. and due in the same month.  As soon as I said on FB that I was going to start making animal hats I had quite a few orders come in.


My other friend wants a monkey for her little monkey.  I like how it turned out.  She also wants booties.  I just need to add the buttons on these guys.



I can’t wait to see him in the set.

Up next will be a kitty hat, and not like the HK hat.

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Puppy Dog hat

I have been seeing animal hat, especially owls, everywhere!  Well I have decided to jump on the band wagon and make some.  I am starting with a puppy.  These will be on sale for $16 for baby, $18 for child and $22 for adults.  Two colours- base and ears and then a colour for the patch… this can also be the ear colour.

This hat is for Baby M.  I did white and black with a purple patch.


I have two more of these to make this time in tan and brown and tan and black both with blue patches.

Next up: Frog.

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Orders and a new set

Since the craft fair I have gotten quite a few orders.. yay!  I’m really excited about starting my crochet business.  So far all orders have been for hat and booty sets, but I am hoping to expand and do some custom bears and stuff.  what is really cool is that 2 of the orders have come from people I have as friends on FB for farmville.  I was posting pics of things I mad for the craft fair and they messaged me asking if I sell my work and they wanted to order some stuff.

The first set was ordered by my friends SIL- hers is the dark purple and white flower and non-slip bottoms.  She also ordered 2 head bands for her daughter.


This set is for the friend I made the star blankie for.


I don’t have a finished pic of this set.. I totally forgot to take one lol.  My step mom ordered this set for her friends baby shower.  It is for a little boy.  The buttons on these booties are a browny-creamy-bluish colour.. almost swirled.


These two sets are going to the states to one of the ladies I mentioned above(FV friend).  Her friend had twin girls who were not expected to make it… they did though I am glad to say 🙂  I gotta say I absolutely LOVE this pink and white together.  They have such a classic feel to them.  So pretty.


So I have seen quite a few things made from the crocodile stitch and I am really loving the look it creates.. especially when done in varigated yarn.  My best friend is pregnant and we just found out it is a girl!  So of course Baby M needs some crocheted stuff from aunty 🙂

I saw this picture and fell in love.  Baby M would look soooo sweet in this hat… only thing is I could probably make this myself and while I love supporting fellow crocheters, I don’t have a lot of money and if I can figure it out on my own, I will.  Soooo I did.  After looking on youtube to learn how to do the stitch I came up with this.


I am happy with the result. The leaf part isn’t as big so I may change that on the next one I make but all in all I really like it.

So along with the hat M needs booties to match.  I saw this on Pinterest and ahhhh ohMgeee soo freaking cute!  Again with the “I can make it myself thing”.. Tho I will say that I was and still am tempted to buy it so I can figure out the way to do it so it is button up.  I could not figure out a way for the button up no matter how I tried so I just did it in the round, and added a top edge in the contrasting colour.  I may add a couple buttons on the side, I’m not sure yet.


They remind me of moccasins so I am naming them the Croc Mocc.



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What I have been up to

The last few months have been pretty busy for me.  I have gotten in to making earrings, and have been crocheting up a storm.  I did a craft fair and also started selling my earrings and crochet items.  I have loads of pics to upload 🙂

But first, my last post was of the blanket I made for my friends baby shower.  I got another ball of yarn- the contrasting blue that is in the varigated.


It turned out to be 40″ across.  Omgosh this blanket turned out sooooo soft and plushy!  If you have not tried this yarn, do!  I would have used a bigger hook- maybe a 10mm or even bigger, but I am happy with how it turned out- and so was my friend, which is what matters!


I also made this cute little hat as well.


She actually just told me she has both put away so they don’t get ruined and is keeping them as keep sakes.  Heart warming or what? 🙂

As I said at the top of this post I started making earrings.  My grandmother was big into making jewellery and when she passed away, my grandfather and I were at a loss as to what to do with all the beads she had.  And by all I mean like thousands.. and I wish I was exaggerating.. seriously thousands.  Well I thought I would make myself some chandelier earrings and maybe some for friends, but while making the first pair I discovered how much I like making them.  I love jewellery and to be able to make nice jewellery that is expensive is really cool.



The beads used are all glass, and some are swarovski crystal beads


I have more on my facebook page- so come check out some of the things I have made 🙂

My neice and nephews school held a craft fair at the beginning of the month.  It was the first one ever and tables were cheap and the money from table sales went to the school so I figured I would do it.  I have always wanted to do a craft fair, but I have no idea how people sign up lol.  Anyways, my bestfriend told me about the fair like 3 weeks before… yes 3 weeks.  Now, I am a fast crocheter, but this was cutting it close.  Oh and did I mention I also had just signed up for a crochet swap that needed to be sent out like 3 days after the fair?  Ugh talk about over extending myself lol.  I had nothing premade that I could add for the fair so crocheting was pretty much my life lol.  I also had no clue what to make.  My grandmother and I do the craft fair rounds every year so I have an idea of the kinda things that sell, but I had no clue what kinds of customers were going to be at this fair.. if any, because it was so last minute.

I know that there are alot of babies and moms that are pregnant that have children that go to the school and I figured that they would probably go to support.  I found this super cute pattern for crochet baby uggs and knew what I was making.  So I made the booties and I also made hats to go with as well as child and adult hats, though I mostly did the baby sets. (side note- I got asked by almost everyone who came to my table if I had bigger booties.  Clearly I should have made them in bigger sizes lol!  That is ok, I have a couple custom orders instead of selling what I already made)  I also made some snowflakes because I made my swap partner some and they are sooo pretty and I figured it would be a nice small christmasy item.

Well, I am glad to say I did not spend that much in supplies because there were mayyyyyyybe 30 people that came.  There were plenty of vendors, just no buyers.  Luckily I made what I paid for the table plus $16.  I made up card with my name and email and quite a few people took one because they wanted different sizes though.  The school made lots of money though from table sales and concession, and that is the important thing.  Next year they will be doing more advertising and I will have more time to prepare.

Here are all the baby sets I made


and the adult hats added


Here are the snowflakes while they blocked


This was how I set up my table.



I don’t think anyone realized the snowflakes were for sale lol even though I had a sign.







Again, I have more on my FB page so check it out 🙂

While I was at the fair, a lady ordered a custom hat and booty set.  She needed it to fit her 2 year old with room to grow.


the picture doesn’t show the colour very well but the set is dark purple.


I made them non slip because she is walking and crochet slippers can be very slippery.

I have a couple more custom orders for hat and booty sets and also a few dog sweaters to make this week.

Well Rudolph is on so I’m going to go cuddle on the couch with a cup of hot coco and watch it 🙂

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Getting back in to my crafting groove

Since Christmas I have done little to no crocheting.  I don’t know but every so often I go through periods where I just don’t have the drive.  I have also not been home much so that doesn’t give me much time to crochet either.

On the 21st one of my friends had a baby girl.  Her baby shower is this coming Saturday and I am of course going to use this as an excuse to make some baby stuff for her 😀

I started on a starghan using this pattern I got off youtube.  (BTW the guy who does the video is awesome for tutorials.  Very easy to follow.) It is soooooo easy and fast!  I would probably be finished.. I started it 2 days ago.. if I hadn’t run out of yarn.  I could probably leave it as it but Ava would out grow it soon and I want her to be able to use it for some time yet.

The yarn I used was Baby Blanket by Bernat.  It is incredibly soft and cozy feeling… and thick!  I used a 9mm hook but I actually wish I had have had a couple sizes larger because the yarn is so nice and thick.  The pattern works up quick enough I may just get a bigger hook when I go get more yarn today and redo it.

Since I ran out of yarn for the starghan I moved on to the next project… a snuggly baby pouch.  I didn’t want to do another blanket but I had this really soft fuzzy baby yarn… no clue what kind… and I saw a picture online that gave me an idea for what to make.  I found it a pain in the butt to have to keep making sure baby is covered when out… blankets falling open or even out of the stroller etc.  A pouch seemed like a good idea.. kinda reminds me of a sleeping bag only it doesn’t zip.

I used the soft fuzzy yarn.. it’s chunky.. and a strand of a plain chunky yarn held together and a size 9mm hook.  Simple DC, worked into a rectangle the folded and sewn together.  My original idea was actually a bit different but i was running out of yarn and then my plan B was going to look a little different than what I actually ended up with but i DID run out of yarn =/.  I think it still turned out though and it is sooooooo soft.

I plan on making a few hats and a pair of mary jane booties or two as well.  I also would like to make a BICO or 2 but we will see.

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Things from Christmas..

Here is the finished Hello Kitty hat I made Hailey.. she LOVED it btw 🙂

I bought this really pretty ribbon for the bow.. I had planned on making her a matching hair bow but I never got there.

I made my moms friend a teddy bear for Christmas.  I used my teddy bear pattern and ww yarn.

My grandmother was into beading for a long while…. and when I say she was into it i meant she was into it.  She has a dresser in my room at their house FULL of beads and a stand up container full of beading supplies.  I used to make necklaces and bracelets out of seed beads but looking through her drawers I thought that maybe I would try my hand at making something nicer.  This is what I made.

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Christmas/winter WIPS and WIMS

Christmas is coming up..and fast.  As usual, around this time every year I suddenly realize how close it is to Christmas time and I panic.  You’d think, since Christmas is every year, I wouldn’t be so surprised when it gets to that time of year.  I mean the date doesn’t change.  It doesn’t just randomly pop up yelling “surprise!”  So anyway, I have very little time to get all that I would like to get done before the big day.

My neice and nephew are pretty much the only ones I plan on making gifts for.  Hailey loves Hello Kitty so I plan on making her a pillow with a picture of HK on it, and perhaps her mane on the back.  She will also get the HK teddy I made her since I never gave it to her… I know, I am a terrible aunt lol. 

I found this pattern for a HK ear flap hat.  I started it last night and it worked up quickly.. though I’m not too sure about the size, mine looks alot narrower than the creators. 

I also found this pattern for a monkey hat for Aiden.  His mom calls him a monkey so I thought it would be cute.

I participated in another swap at crochetville and my partner sent me some really nice yarn which I can’t get in any stores up here.. she was from the States.  The yarn is I Love This Cotton from Hobbly Lobby, colourway is Summer Sky.  It is soooo soft and has such nice drape, when I get a chance I will definately have to order some online.  I digress though..

So it has been pretty cold here lately and since I got this lovely yarn, I would make myself a scarf.  I though I would knit it instead of crochet because I really need to work on my knitting skills and let’s face it, a scarf isnt brain surgery so I figured I would be successful.  Looking through my copy of Donna Kooler’s Encyclopedia of Knitting, I found some really pretty stitch patterns.  I finally settled on the Diamond Brocade pattern.  I don’t really know why but I had to restart it about 5 times because I kept messing up.  I got frustrated and put it down to start on the HK hat or my neice.  Well this morning I decided to tackle it and I am loving how it is looking.

  After about 2 or so hours I now have this:

I’m surprised at how fast it’s working up… not as fast as crochet does but alot faster than I thought it would.

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How to Attach the Arms to a Stuffy

So there a couple ways I attach the arms.   The first and my favorite way to do the arms is what I call the “open” way, the second is what I call the “closed” way.  The legs are done similarly, but I will do another tutorial for the legs.

You will need a finished body and finished legs and arms.. all stuffed.

WAY 1– open

What I mean by open is that you haven’t closed it off.  Stuff hand firmly, but stuff the arm lightly.

Start with the teddy/dolls left arm.  You want to end off so you are at the front side of the arm.. sl st to do that then end off,  leaving long tail to sew to body.

1) Thread yarn through the stitch beside where you ended off on the arm.


2) Figure out where you want the arm to go and anchor it by pulling needle and thread through the stitch on the body where you want the arm to begin.


3) Pull needle and thread through next st on arm on both the outside and inside of arm.  Only go through the outside loops.


4) Go into next st on the body.


Repeat going into sts n arm and body until the arm is attached.


Go into a stitch under the last st you attached arm to and pull through to front of arm.

Go into arm again.

Go through this st in body:

Pull through and knot then pull yarn through under arm and cut off end.

Then go back through st on other side beside where you ended off.

Finish attaching arm in the same way you did the first.

WAY 2– closed

By closed I mean you close the hole up and completely finish off the arm.  Stuff and weave in ends and cut off.  Thread needle with an extra long peice of yarn.

1) Again, start with the teddys left arm.  Figure out where you want the arm to go on the body, then go into the stitch below it.


2) Come out on the other side of the body where you want the arm to go.. not below it.


Leave a tail where you went into the body.  You will use this to tie after.


you will have this


3)  Go into arm, from the inside and go out through the outside.  Then go into st beside where you came out from and go back in, outside to inside.  When you pull yarn through, keep it tight and try to push the arm towards the body as you pull or it will get stuck.


4) Now go onto the stitch beside where you came out of the body. These pics are for legs, for some reason I stopped taking pics while doing the arms and didn’t realize until I had started the legs.  As you can see the legs and arms are done the same way lol.


5) Come out on the other side of the body, above where you first went in.


Do other arm in the same way you just did the first (steps 3 & 4).  Nowgo into the body where you came out and come back out beside the beginning tail.

Pull each end so legs are firmly attached but will still move.  When you have it as tight as you want it, knot, weave in ends and cut off.

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