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Animal hats and more animal hats.

I am loving making these!  I have sooo many ideas for different animals… I can’t wait to get them all done lol.

My friend loves frogs so she asked if I could make a frog hat for her.  At first I was like “ohh man I just dunno”, but then I googled images of frog hats and really, it didn’t look all that difficult.


I LOVE how it turned out!  The green is perfect.. bright yet not neon.  And the eyes.. ohmygoodness.  I had it on my desk waiting to be given to her and everytime I passed it I literally lol’d.  Needless to say she loves it too.

She also wanted hats for her two boys.  She chose puppy dogs.  I did both in tan, but so they are different I did the ears on one black and on the other chocolate brown.  I also put the patches on opposite sides.



They both love them and I gotta say, they look freaking adorable in them 🙂

So many of my friends are pregnant.. and due in the same month.  As soon as I said on FB that I was going to start making animal hats I had quite a few orders come in.


My other friend wants a monkey for her little monkey.  I like how it turned out.  She also wants booties.  I just need to add the buttons on these guys.



I can’t wait to see him in the set.

Up next will be a kitty hat, and not like the HK hat.

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Puppy Dog hat

I have been seeing animal hat, especially owls, everywhere!  Well I have decided to jump on the band wagon and make some.  I am starting with a puppy.  These will be on sale for $16 for baby, $18 for child and $22 for adults.  Two colours- base and ears and then a colour for the patch… this can also be the ear colour.

This hat is for Baby M.  I did white and black with a purple patch.


I have two more of these to make this time in tan and brown and tan and black both with blue patches.

Next up: Frog.

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Orders and a new set

Since the craft fair I have gotten quite a few orders.. yay!  I’m really excited about starting my crochet business.  So far all orders have been for hat and booty sets, but I am hoping to expand and do some custom bears and stuff.  what is really cool is that 2 of the orders have come from people I have as friends on FB for farmville.  I was posting pics of things I mad for the craft fair and they messaged me asking if I sell my work and they wanted to order some stuff.

The first set was ordered by my friends SIL- hers is the dark purple and white flower and non-slip bottoms.  She also ordered 2 head bands for her daughter.


This set is for the friend I made the star blankie for.


I don’t have a finished pic of this set.. I totally forgot to take one lol.  My step mom ordered this set for her friends baby shower.  It is for a little boy.  The buttons on these booties are a browny-creamy-bluish colour.. almost swirled.


These two sets are going to the states to one of the ladies I mentioned above(FV friend).  Her friend had twin girls who were not expected to make it… they did though I am glad to say 🙂  I gotta say I absolutely LOVE this pink and white together.  They have such a classic feel to them.  So pretty.


So I have seen quite a few things made from the crocodile stitch and I am really loving the look it creates.. especially when done in varigated yarn.  My best friend is pregnant and we just found out it is a girl!  So of course Baby M needs some crocheted stuff from aunty 🙂

I saw this picture and fell in love.  Baby M would look soooo sweet in this hat… only thing is I could probably make this myself and while I love supporting fellow crocheters, I don’t have a lot of money and if I can figure it out on my own, I will.  Soooo I did.  After looking on youtube to learn how to do the stitch I came up with this.


I am happy with the result. The leaf part isn’t as big so I may change that on the next one I make but all in all I really like it.

So along with the hat M needs booties to match.  I saw this on Pinterest and ahhhh ohMgeee soo freaking cute!  Again with the “I can make it myself thing”.. Tho I will say that I was and still am tempted to buy it so I can figure out the way to do it so it is button up.  I could not figure out a way for the button up no matter how I tried so I just did it in the round, and added a top edge in the contrasting colour.  I may add a couple buttons on the side, I’m not sure yet.


They remind me of moccasins so I am naming them the Croc Mocc.



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