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Getting back in to my crafting groove

Since Christmas I have done little to no crocheting.  I don’t know but every so often I go through periods where I just don’t have the drive.  I have also not been home much so that doesn’t give me much time to crochet either.

On the 21st one of my friends had a baby girl.  Her baby shower is this coming Saturday and I am of course going to use this as an excuse to make some baby stuff for her 😀

I started on a starghan using this pattern I got off youtube.  (BTW the guy who does the video is awesome for tutorials.  Very easy to follow.) It is soooooo easy and fast!  I would probably be finished.. I started it 2 days ago.. if I hadn’t run out of yarn.  I could probably leave it as it but Ava would out grow it soon and I want her to be able to use it for some time yet.

The yarn I used was Baby Blanket by Bernat.  It is incredibly soft and cozy feeling… and thick!  I used a 9mm hook but I actually wish I had have had a couple sizes larger because the yarn is so nice and thick.  The pattern works up quick enough I may just get a bigger hook when I go get more yarn today and redo it.

Since I ran out of yarn for the starghan I moved on to the next project… a snuggly baby pouch.  I didn’t want to do another blanket but I had this really soft fuzzy baby yarn… no clue what kind… and I saw a picture online that gave me an idea for what to make.  I found it a pain in the butt to have to keep making sure baby is covered when out… blankets falling open or even out of the stroller etc.  A pouch seemed like a good idea.. kinda reminds me of a sleeping bag only it doesn’t zip.

I used the soft fuzzy yarn.. it’s chunky.. and a strand of a plain chunky yarn held together and a size 9mm hook.  Simple DC, worked into a rectangle the folded and sewn together.  My original idea was actually a bit different but i was running out of yarn and then my plan B was going to look a little different than what I actually ended up with but i DID run out of yarn =/.  I think it still turned out though and it is sooooooo soft.

I plan on making a few hats and a pair of mary jane booties or two as well.  I also would like to make a BICO or 2 but we will see.

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Things from Christmas..

Here is the finished Hello Kitty hat I made Hailey.. she LOVED it btw 🙂

I bought this really pretty ribbon for the bow.. I had planned on making her a matching hair bow but I never got there.

I made my moms friend a teddy bear for Christmas.  I used my teddy bear pattern and ww yarn.

My grandmother was into beading for a long while…. and when I say she was into it i meant she was into it.  She has a dresser in my room at their house FULL of beads and a stand up container full of beading supplies.  I used to make necklaces and bracelets out of seed beads but looking through her drawers I thought that maybe I would try my hand at making something nicer.  This is what I made.

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