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Christmas/winter WIPS and WIMS

Christmas is coming up..and fast.  As usual, around this time every year I suddenly realize how close it is to Christmas time and I panic.  You’d think, since Christmas is every year, I wouldn’t be so surprised when it gets to that time of year.  I mean the date doesn’t change.  It doesn’t just randomly pop up yelling “surprise!”  So anyway, I have very little time to get all that I would like to get done before the big day.

My neice and nephew are pretty much the only ones I plan on making gifts for.  Hailey loves Hello Kitty so I plan on making her a pillow with a picture of HK on it, and perhaps her mane on the back.  She will also get the HK teddy I made her since I never gave it to her… I know, I am a terrible aunt lol. 

I found this pattern for a HK ear flap hat.  I started it last night and it worked up quickly.. though I’m not too sure about the size, mine looks alot narrower than the creators. 

I also found this pattern for a monkey hat for Aiden.  His mom calls him a monkey so I thought it would be cute.

I participated in another swap at crochetville and my partner sent me some really nice yarn which I can’t get in any stores up here.. she was from the States.  The yarn is I Love This Cotton from Hobbly Lobby, colourway is Summer Sky.  It is soooo soft and has such nice drape, when I get a chance I will definately have to order some online.  I digress though..

So it has been pretty cold here lately and since I got this lovely yarn, I would make myself a scarf.  I though I would knit it instead of crochet because I really need to work on my knitting skills and let’s face it, a scarf isnt brain surgery so I figured I would be successful.  Looking through my copy of Donna Kooler’s Encyclopedia of Knitting, I found some really pretty stitch patterns.  I finally settled on the Diamond Brocade pattern.  I don’t really know why but I had to restart it about 5 times because I kept messing up.  I got frustrated and put it down to start on the HK hat or my neice.  Well this morning I decided to tackle it and I am loving how it is looking.

  After about 2 or so hours I now have this:

I’m surprised at how fast it’s working up… not as fast as crochet does but alot faster than I thought it would.

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