How to attach a Head on a Stuffy

October 9, 2011 Amber

I had someone ask me how I attach the body parts on teddy bears, so here is a quick tutorial.  I am going out of town but when I get back I will do a better one, this was just to quickly show anyone who is interested.

The head is the one part I’m really not that good at lol.. I’m only slightly better at attaching the legs.

First you need a body and a head, both already finished and stuffed.  Weave in the end from the body.  After you close up the head leave a very long tail and weave it through the stitches so it is centered.. or as centered as you can get it.

Then push the needle and yarn through the top of the body.. down the centre.  It might be a little hard because of the stuffing but just wiggle it around and it should go through.

Okay, I don’t have pictures for the next part but it’s pretty simple and when I get a chance I will add pictures.

Weave the needle and yarn through a couple stitched at the bottom… Make sure you keep the tension fairly firm on the yarn.  This anchors the head so it’s easier to attach.  

Now we will put a stitch at the front, back and both sides of the head.  Weave the yarn back up the body and come up at the front of the head.  Go through one of the stitches in the head.. I usually go into one that is right at the bottom of the head. 

 Go back into the body with the needle and yarn and come up at the back and do the same as you did for the front.  Do the same for both sides.  

Knot and weave end and cut off.

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