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I was digging through a box that had some yarn in it and I found a couple dolls I made.  I absolutely LOVE dolls.  Yes, I am 25 and still love dolls.  I love making them as well.  It’s tedious to do the hair, as I make mine either full head of hair or mostly (I just leave the center empty)

Anna is the first doll I ever made.  I looked around and couldn’t find a pattern I really liked so she is, as usual, from my own pattern.

She is made using WW yarn and I believe a 5mm hook.  Don’t mind her slightly scary mouth lol, I had never embroidered lips before and have been too lazy to redo them.  Anna doesn’t have a full head of hair.  Again, this was my first doll and I wasn’t sure how to do the hair, so I just laid strips of yarn across and then sewed down the center (her part).

Lily I made using the same pattern as Anna, only I used a 4mm hook so she turned out a bit smaller.

She has a full head of hair… and it took forever to do lol

Mina is an elf.  I originally was going to make a faery for my mother but I couldn’t find a pattern for wings, and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to make them the way I had envisioned them in my mind.. so Mina the faery turned into Mina the elf.

I had made myself a pair of mary jane slippers right before I made Mina so I thought I would do her feet the same way.. only more foot like and then i sc around the ankle to make the leg.  She has mostly a full head of hair, just the center isnt done.. that would have take ALOT of yarn lol.  I can’t bring myself to cut her long locks… she’s supposed to be an elf and they have long hair, don’t they?

Susie is my favorite.  Actually she is probably my favorite thing I have ever made.  I made her one night while I was watching Wuthering Heights.. LOVE that movie.

She is tiny, maybe the height of a pop can?  She also has a full head of hair.. and bangs.

A pixie needs ears… and wings but again I couldn’t think of how to make them.. so she is wingless.  She also has thumbs, a noes and cute little toes 🙂  I am really proud of her feet..Which took me FOREVER to figure out how to do and look right.

We moved and I had just found the pattern before we moved.. now I think I lost it for good =/ Sooo I will probably try and remake the pattern.. at sometime.. soon..I hope.

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A change…

So I need to move.  I’ve been putting it off for awhile now, but really I can’t stay living with Mike.  It’s not healthy.  One of the reasons I have been putting it off is because until I can start working.. or go to school.. I can’t afford a place on my own.  My best friend and her boy friend have a really nice place they rent and they have an extra room downstairs and the rent would be cheap enough… but he is alot like Mike and I am trying to get away from a controlling situation, I am not about to put myself into another one.

Another reason is fear.  I have never lived alone.  I went from my grandparents house to Mike’s.  Sure I’ve paid part of the rent, bills and bought groceries, but I have never been soley responsible for everything.  And that terrifies me… and yet excites me at the same time.  I mean I’d be able to do whatever I wanted, go out whenever I wanted…..without fear of getting in trouble, yelled at and accused of doing things I haven’t done.  I could clean the house and it would stay clean.  I could put stuff where I wanted.

So I’m torn.  The idea of being able to have freedom gets me excited for life.  Makes me want to sing and dance with happiness…. But the idea of being alone stops me dead.  And what if I fail?  What if I suddenly find myself unable to afford the rent?  Since I was 18 I have lived with and been with Mike.. but now it is time to move on.. time to get my life together.. time to be independent.. and more importantly, time to be happy.

About a month ago my mother called me.. She lives in North Carolina now and we haven’t really talked for years, but slowly we are getting back into contact.. Anyways, she called me and asked if I wanted to rent the apartment she still has up here.  I’d pay half the rent.. which is the same amount I pay here.. and everything but laundry and phone is included.. even furniture.  This was just too good to pass up.  It would be perfect for me, so I told her I’d take it.

Well the landlord said I could move in, but he lost the key so my mother had to mail him the key she has.  It took 2 weeks but he finally got it!  So now my grandmother and I can go take a look at it sometime this week.. I am hoping to move in June.

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