Surgery and Swap items

November 20, 2009 Amber
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I have been pretty busy the last few days. I got a call from the hospital to meet with the anesthesiologist on tuesday and then today I had to meet with the opthomologist for a pre-op appointment. Apparently I am having surgery on the 24.. which is this coming tuesday. I just found out yesterday when it was. The doctors office called my grandmother at the end of October and she never mentioned it. I am having serious issues with this.
Fist I will say, I LOVE my grandmother dearly. She is my mother, she raised me, she has been there for me when I have needed her, she loves me unconditionally. However, she is a major control freak, which is why I moved out when I was 17.
So yeah, I’m having my second cataract surgery on tuesday. It would have been nice to know a couple weeks ago but c’est la vie I guess…..

So like I said before, I recieved my swap package. I got spoilt. She sent me a really pretty hat and scarf set,
a really pretty purse and bookmark,
and lastly I got a package of truffles(YUM!), 4 balls of yarn, a handwritten note, a pack of Prisma coloring pencils and a calender with 365 crochet stitches in it. I had alot of fun with this swap.

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