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November 4, 2009 Amber
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That I am not a very good blogger. I want to be and I want to blog and I also mean to. But somehow I just haven’t. Maybe instead of a New Year’s resolution, I will have a November resolution; which will be to blog more often.

So not a whole lot has been going on, I have just been crocheting up a storm trying to get ready for Christmas, which, by the way has snuck up on me. Suddenly it’s November and I stll have the mindset that I have months and months left to finish everything. Yikes! I have started on the blanket I’m making for my grandmother, I’m still working on the poncho for Tabitha… and, well that’s it. Here is a list of everything I have to make:
1) Grandmother – Blanket, teddy bear
2) Grandfather – tree frog
3) Mike – hat and scarf set
4) Tabby – poncho, barbie clothes, teddy bear, doll, doll clothes
Plus a shawl, a teddy bear and penguin for my aunt and cousins.
Over extend myself much? Oh well lol.

I got my swap package from my partner over at Crochetville. It is wonderful! The shawl is so soft and pretty!DCFC0032 And she also included handmade stitchmarkers, a thread teddy, and a package of steel Boye hooks(!) DCFC0037
Wasn’t she thoughtful? I can’t say enough how much I have enjoyed getting to know her and to swap parcels with her!DCFC0039

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